Saturday, March 20, 2010


10/1/15 Convict/Chemos/SussLaw 10/2/15 DeadHunt/WildMohicans/SteelChains/Emasculator 10/4/15 Ruins/AgeOfCollapse/Usnea/WretchedOfTheEarth
10/8/15 NukleerBlastSuntan/Alimanas/SussLaw/Franky
10/9+10/10/15 Just Cause Fest
10/11/15 Extortion/LebendenToten/RawNerves/WhiteWards
10/11/15 Extortion/LebendenToten/RawNerves/WhiteWards LastChaos/DeadHunt/Pms84 10/19/15 Spetsnaz/Narcoleptics/ViolentParty/Decomp 10/22/15 PigHeartTransplant/DreamDecay/PrivateRoom 10/23/15 Donzis/RIP/Bewitcher/Entoxikutioner 10/25/15 BobSuren 10/26/15 LongKnife/DogSoldier/PMS84 10/30-11/1/15 BlackWaterHalloween
THURS 10/1
Convict(WA), Chemos + Suss Law
Black Water All Ages 8pm $6

FRI 10/2
Dead Hunt, Wild Mohicans, Steel Chains + Emasculator
Black Water All Ages 8pm $5

SUN 10/4
Ruins(GER), Age of Collapse(CA), Usnea + Wretched of the Earth
Black Water All Ages 8pm $7

TUES 10/6
Aspirin Feast, Apocalypse Now + Erradict
Star Bar 21+ 8pm Free

THURS 10/8
Nu-kle-er Blast Suntan, Suss Law + Franky
Black Water All Ages 8pm $

FRI 10/9
Just Cause Fest: Sloths, Dark//Light, Comm, Sabonis + Uncool Niece
Black Water All Ages 7pm $7-10 or bring fresh socks and get in for $6

SAT 10/10
Just Cause Fest: Vice Device, Steel Chains, Antecessor, Tyrants, Eat My Shit, Bobby Peru, Backbiter, Shitty Weekend, Pass + Bagheera
Black Water All Ages 3pm doors $10 or bring fresh socks and get in for $7

SUN 10/11
Extortion(AUS), Lebenden Toten, White Wards(WA) + Raw Nerves
Black Water All Ages 8pm $8

Radioactivity(TX), Low Culture + Divers
Panic Room 21+ 9pm $8

TUES 10/13
Last Chaos(AUS), Dead Hunt, Water Rats(BRA) + PMS 84
Black Water All Ages 8pm $

THURS 10/15
Conflict(UK), Total Chaos, Rum Rebellion + The Escaped
Bossanova All Ages 7pm $15

FRI 10/16
Teeth(CA), Fister(MO) + Battle Axe Massacre
Black Water All Ages 8pm $

SAT 10/17
Abigail Williams(WA), Today is the Day(ME)
Black Water All Ages 8pm $

MON 10/19
Narcoleptics(NY), Spetsnaz, Violent Party + Decomp
Black Water All Ages 8pm $

TUES 10/20
Thou(LA), The Body + Heat Dust(LA)
Black Water All Ages 8pm $

WED 10/21
Subhumans(UK), Rvivr + Arctic Flowers
Hawthorne Theater All Ages 7pm $15adv/18door

THURS 10/22
Pig Heart Transplant(WA), Dream Decay(WA) + Private Room
Black Water All Ages 8pm $

FRI 10/23
Thou(LA), The Body, Heat Dust(LA) + Hreinn
Anarres Infoshop All Ages 1pm $5-10

The Dicks from Texas(Film Screening) w/ after party
Analog Cafe + Theater 7pm (all ages until 10pm) $10

Chemicals, Therapists, Quaaludes(CA) + Andy Place and the Coolheads
Club 21 9pm 21+ Free

Donzis(WA), R.I.P., Bewitcher + Entoxikutioner w/ DJ Wes Craven
Black Water All Ages 8pm $6

SAT 10/24
Ice Princess, Serial Hawk(WA) + Moan
Black Water All Ages 8pm $

Ssyndrom(CA), Violent Party, Wild Mohicans, Apocalypse Now + Erradict
Dark Place All Ages 6pm $

SUN 10/25
Bob Suren reading from his book Crate Digger
Black Water All Ages 9pm Free

MON 10/26
Long Knife, Dog Soldier + PMS 84
The Know 21+ 8pm $

WED 10/28
Annapura(MEX), Terror Cosmico(MEX), Mictlan + Exkizofrenia
Black Water All Ages 8pm $

FRI 10/30
Cover show! w/ Vice Squad, X + Discarge
Black Water All Ages 8pm $3-5

SAT 10/31
Halloween Dance Party
Black Water 9pm All Ages until 11pm Free

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