Friday, March 19, 2010


11/1/15 DiaDeLosMuertos 11/5+11/14/15 Spectres/BellicoseMinds/VividSekt/ArcticFlowers/DeadCult/TheOintment 11/7/15 Defiance/Deathcharge/Hellshock/DogSoldier/Reactor 11/12/15 Nomads/HellInTheCell/FailurePact/SpitVitriol/ImmoralMajority/Snakes

11/19/15 Mongoloid/VividSekt/Problems 11/19/15 Problems/VividSekt/Mongoloid cacophonie ;11/21/15 Noiiise/Strangeweather/TheSiegeFire/Sol
SUN 11/1
Dia De Los Muertos w/ Machetazo Profano, Exkizofrenia PDX, DJ Bastardo + DJ Brown Man
Black Water All Ages 8pm Free

THURS 11/5
Spectres(BC), Bellicose Minds + Vivid Sekt
Lovecraft Bar 21+ 8pm $

FRI 11/6
Sloths, Kowloon Walled City, Fight Amp + Hang the Old Year
Black Water All Ages 8pm $10

Swampland(CA), Shadowhouse + Blessure Grave acoustic set
Holgate House All Ages 8pm $

SAT 11/7
Defiance, Deathcharge, Hellshock, Dog Soldier + Reactor
Assassinate record release party in memory of Joseph Crane
Black Water All Ages 6pm $8(includes 7")

THURS 11/12
Nomads(CA), Hell in the Cell(CA), Failure Pact, Spit Vitriol, Snakes + Immoral Majority
Black Water All Ages 7pm $7

FRI 11/13
Vastation, Steel Chains, Tensor + Suss Law
Black Water All Ages 7pm $5+

SAT 11/14
Spectres(BC), Arctic Flowers, Dead Cult + The Ointment
Black Water All Ages 8pm $

THURS 11/19
Problems, Mongoloid + Vivid Sekt
Black Water All Ages 7pm $5+

FRI 11/20
Cacophanie Nights Vol. 1 Night 1 ft: Lebenden Toten, Mutant Itch(CA), Chaos Tribe(CA), Violent Party + Franky
Black Water All Ages 7pm $8

Arcane(WA), Dead Cult, Smoke Rings + Numbered
High Water Mark 21+ 8pm $5

SAT 11/21
Cacophanie Nights Vol. 1 Night 2 ft: Pig DNA(CA), Spetsnaz, F.A.B., Suss Law, Emasculator + Acracy
The Know 21+ 7pm $6

No///se(CA), Wretched of the Earth, Siege Fire, Strange Weather
Black Water All Ages 8pm $5

SUN 11/22
Gag(WA), Failure Pact, Akira + Victim
Dark Place 7pm All Ages $5

WED 11/25
Gaasp, Suss Law + Franky
Star Bar 21+ 8pm Free

SUN 11/29
Lysol(WA), Victim, Piss Test + Gun
Dark Place All Ages 7pm $

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